With an unrivaled balance of airflow and mobility, Trolly Fans are belongs in every facility. Offering a fully assembled steel frame, it’s the durable and convenient choice for your dynamic airflow needs. Best of all. We designed these fans to use indoor/outdoor with rubber wheels that can handle any terrain. Perfect for everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to fitness centers and outdoor wedding venues, hotels, factories, dairy farms, and religious gatherings. Well rated for indoor and outdoor use. It is light and maneuverable enough for one to easily push around. 

Key Features:-
– Easy to use and moveable.
– Creates powerful airflow that spans 100-120 feet.
– 4 aluminum blades in a powder coated cage.
– Durable rubber wheels and handles.
– Highly efficient and reliable Motor runs quietly and efficiently, keeping your people
comfortable without distraction.
– Protected with a overload motor protection.